Suspension or revocation of permit.

Suspension or revocation of permit.

In respect with Chapter 119. associated with Revised Code:

(A) The unit of banking institutions shall, upon written notice to your licensee stating the action that is contemplated the causes therefor, and upon reasonable chance to be heard, suspend or revoke any permit granted because of the unit if it discovers that:

(1) The licensee is with in standard within the re re re payment associated with the yearly license charge or assessment recommended in area 1321.20 for the Revised Code or has neglected to adhere to any purchase for the unit made and joined under unit (A) of part 1321.10 associated with Revised Code;

(2) The licensee has proceeded to violate some of the conditions of sections 1321.01 to 1321.19 for the Revised Code or any guideline promulgated under division (A) of area 1321.10 for the Revised Code after getting notice of these breach or violations through the unit;

(3) Any reality or condition exists which if it had existed or have been recognized to occur during the time of the first application for such permit, which reality or condition was not then recognized to the unit, obviously might have warranted the unit in refusing initially to issue such permit.

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